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With over 10 years dedicated to projects in telemetry, electronics, engineering, test-bench and dynamic simulation, the team at Simul Works have a rare combination of software development talent and experience within leading motor-sport teams and premium road-car manufacturers.

Solving everyday issues of cost, time and quality with inspired software solutions Simul Works evolves existing systems to reduce seat license costs, refine workflows and eliminate errors. From the very beginning of a project development cycle or seeking excellence from a legacy system, Simul Works delivers innovation that radically changes perceptions of what software can achieve in automotive engineering.



Centralise, secure, integrate and synchronise interdependent data

Discover SandRA


Take command of simulator configuration and management

Discover Kommander


From test-bench through factory floor to trackside, Project SandRA was born from the need for a single secure, definitive source of moment-accurate data. Data is written and recorded once and available instantly to the team wherever they are; comments, updates and amendments are authenticated and attributable.

SandRA synchronises and integrates with leading industry software tools enabling combinations of data to reveal new insights and actionable information.


Create and store catalogue of components with defined attributes

Create and name Event

Collaborative edit and publish car set-up

Version control for all edits

Lap markers applied to run in real time

SandRA centralise, secure, integrate and synchronise interdependent data

Attributable comments fields available during run

Key charts available in browser

View, contribute and comment from multiple locations

Compare set-ups instantly

Share set-ups to run driving simulator via Kommander


Associate real-time telemetry with editable links

Cable telemetry associated at end of run

Real-time and cable telemetry versions retained, named and indexed

Integrate set-up data with telemetry via virtual channels

Add simulations based on set-up into telemetry feed

SandRA: telemetry


SandRA: simulation

Run set-up variation simulations trackside

Use current or historic set-ups

Compare results using charts

Access set-ups to use in modelling tools

Upload models to run simulations on multiple set-ups

Rapid testing of multiple models

View simulation results without seat-license


Take command of simulator configuration and management

With no off-the-shelf software to configure and manage a newly built Dynamic Simulator, Kommander was designed as a console interface to integrate: simulator platform, car-model, audio, graphics, cueing and telemetry.

Kommander automates repetitive tasks and enables a low-level technician to quickly set-up a configuration, find and load a previous configuration or launch multiple runs simultaneously. Password protected Kommander ensures the integrity of existing data and file-content and provides rapid error reporting of systems and hardware with full backup and restore functions.

It's pluggable nature not only integrates existing infrastructure and bespoke tools, Kommander future-proofs the project by adding more sub-systems and allowing for software and hardware change or upgrade.

Simplify and accelerate configuration of simulations

Reduce technical skill requirement for repetitive tasks

Authenticate users and limit access to critical data

Index configurations for accurate and quick retrieval

Hardware and software critical-error warning and reports

Centralise and maintain data-integrity

Multiple comments fields for drivers and engineers notes

Index, filter and search functions

Collate runs, configurations, drivers and tracks with meaningful titles

View results online on any computer

Re-run and simulate track-runs with set-up data and telemetry from SandRA

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